about me

 About me

Actually I studied electrical engineering and worked most of my professional life at a desk in the computer department. Maybe that's why I need the balance by manual work.

I have always been impressed by old crafts. At some point I made myself a small forge and simply tried how to get iron glowing in a charcoal fire and then hammered it on a piece of railroad track into some kind of a shape.

You see, I am neither a trained blacksmith nor do I practise this craft professionally. All my works are artistic and hobbyistic.

 About my forge work

A few years ago I attended my first short forging course and learned some basic skills. From then on, I was fascinated with forging. There is hardly a Saturday without me standing in my little forge for a few hours.

After this time of diligent practice, I keep making nice and useful pieces, so many now that I can no longer put them on a shelf at home.

All pieces are completely hand-forged. Only in a few exceptional cases a small weld or rivet is used to join two parts.

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